Why choose private lenders despite the increase in bank credit?

Consider the option of private lenders

Consider the option of private lenders

If you are a press reader, listen to the radio, watch television or simply view billboards of any kind and on any medium, you will surely be surprised in the last few months by the new “blitz” of bank advertising, theoretically offering you financing.

Given these advertising inputs, you may be wondering why you should continue to consider the option of private lenders if you need financing if, in theory, from what you see in advertising, the bank already gives you that financing.

First of all, what must be said is that this new rebirth of bank loan advertising is a relative truth, it is a half truth, of course it is not a lie but it is far from the whole truth and private loans, like always, but in an increased way, they are still more necessary than ever.

It is true that banks have opened up the granting of loans to self-employed workers and companies in a certain way, but at what level? What requirements does the bank impose in order to grant you financing? In the past, it was easy to have practically any credit profile and the bank to grant you financing, nowadays everything has become much more selective and granting financing is no longer so easy.

Private lenders to solve the shortcomings of banks

Private lenders to solve the shortcomings of banks

Private lenders to solve the deficiencies of the bank will provide you with all the financing you need when the bank does not offer it to you or it is offered under conditions that do not complete what it requires .

For example, credit policies granted by banking entities that have always been one of the most used options by all types of companies today continue to be so, but, as always, but still more strongly, they do not They cover all the financing needs you may have. In these situations, private lenders to solve the shortcomings of banks make their appearance at the highest level.

In the case of personal loans for use that can be granted by banks, the same happens a bit as in the previous case, but with another added problem, the level of concession has also fallen a lot due to the difficulties of granting them (something that Let’s not kid ourselves also happens in the previous assumption). It is difficult for you to get these loans or at least it is very difficult to get them in the amount you need. In these cases, private lenders can also be very useful to replace the bank in granting this type of loan.

And finally, another area where private lenders can be extremely useful to you is in addition to the loans of the ICO lines that they can grant you. It is true that these official credit loans are offered under very advantageous conditions, but it is very likely that the amount granted will not be enough for you either, for all these cases private lenders will also be at your side to come up with more loans where the others do not arrive.

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