A chain in South Jersey that the rest of the state does not know


If you live in Burlington, Camden, or Gloucester counties, you’ve probably been to PJ Whelihan’s Pub & Restaurant.

There are five near my home in southern Jersey and about a dozen more in suburban Philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania. This is a laid back restaurant with a fairly good sports bar vibe and a very laid back and friendly atmosphere.

It’s just another slice of the cultural and geographic divide that occurs in our state from food, language, rooting interests, beach preferences, and pronunciations.

If you live in Central and North Jersey and find yourself in South Jersey looking for a relaxed and friendly place to eat and drink, PJ’s (as it’s known locally) will do just fine. case.

Jersey Mike’s Sub’s was one of those strictly regional Jersey franchises until it went national and then global a few years ago.

An “Italian hot dog” is something you will only find in part of central / north Jersey.

A tomato pie is usually a Trenton / Mercer County thing, but now a lot of other places offer it too.

If you want a Boost slushie or just a regular drink, you’ll need to head to Burlington County so everyone knows what you’re talking about.

New Jersey might be a small state, in terms of area, but we lump a few crop states into one little package.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. All opinions expressed are those of Dennis.

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