Allianz completes reinsurance deal for $ 35 billion U.S. fixed index annuity portfolio

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Allianz concludes a reinsurance transaction for $ 35 billion we fixed index annuity portfolio

  • Agreement with Life Resolution and affiliates of Sixth street was announced on December 3
  • Transactions unlock $ 4.1 billion in value and frees up regulatory capital for Allianz

Munich, January 07, 2022

Allianz Life announced today that it has entered into the reinsurance agreement with affiliates of Sixth street, including Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company, and Life Resolution, for a $ 35 billion fixed index annuity portfolio.

The operation, announced on December 3, unlock $ 4.1 billion in value and frees up regulatory capital for Allianz.

Allianz Life continues to manage the administration of the portfolio policies and will remain responsible for meeting its obligations to policyholders. There are no changes to policy servicing, call center management, claims adjudication, statement generation and delivery, channel partner experience, and digital self-service.

PIMCO and Global investors Allianz remain the main asset managers of the reinsured business.

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