Anti-abortion protests continue across the country following the overturning of Roe v. Wade: Live Updates

A growing number of large companies are stepping forward to announce they will cover the costs of employees who must travel out of state for abortion care now that the procedure is illegal in several states after the overturning of the decision of Friday’s Supreme Court Roe v. Wade.

Amazon, Chase, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JPMorgan Chase, Kroger, Meta (owner of Facebook), Netflix, Starbucks and Walt Disney are among the companies offering a form of healthcare benefit that covers out-of-state travel for the ‘abortion.

Some companies began posting ads soon after a draft memo signaling the court’s direction leaked in May, including Amazon, the second-largest private employer in the United States (founder Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post). The company said it would cover $4,000 in travel expenses for US employees requiring medical treatment, including abortion.

Other companies revealed their new policies following Friday’s decision, including Disney’s announcement to expand its ‘family planning’ healthcare benefit to cover employees who cannot access care. health care needed where they live, while JPMorgan Chase’s plan, which takes effect in July, will expand to cover employees who must travel more than 50 miles from where they live for any covered medical service.

The new coverage will be more critical for employees living in one of 13 states with “trigger laws” that ban abortion within 30 days of the ruling; bans have already gone into effect in states like Arkansas, Kentucky and Missouri.

States like Oklahoma and Texas have sought to make abortion not only illegal within their borders, but also inaccessible to residents by crafting laws that punish anyone who provides or facilitates an abortion. It is unclear whether companies offering abortion travel benefits could be held liable under the law or how it will be enforced.

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