Clean-Seas subsidiary of Clean Vision and Roselle Capital create a joint venture to deploy Clean-Seas plastic waste technology solutions in Southeast Asia and the region


LOS ANGELES and LONDON, July 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Clean Vision Corporation (OTC PINK: CLNV), a holding company that acquires and operates sustainable clean technology and green energy companies, today announced that its subsidiary Clean-Seas has established a joint venture ( JV) with Londonbased at Roselle Capital in which the two parties will collaborate to deploy the Clean-Seas pyrolysis technology in Asia to convert plastic waste into valuable products and / or clean energy.

With close ties to Asian governments and private sectors, Roselle Capital is an independent private equity and capital formation boutique focused on brokerage of strategic Asian and Western deals. Roselle is leading the development of Sabah Wellness Place’s medical facilities, designed to be self-sufficient and include green energy and value-added plastic waste conversion. The firm is actively developing a Sabah Wellness Place in Sabah, Malaysia and in the Caucasus nation of Georgia among other places.

Joint venture terms

Under the definitive joint venture agreement, Roselle asked Clean-Seas to develop proposals to implement its pyrolysis technology for Malaysia and Georgia for installation in Sabah Wellness Place clinics as well as elsewhere in these countries.

Clean-Seas submitted its initial proposal to the Malaysian state government in 2020, but it was put on hold due to Covid restrictions. Today, this proposal and a similar proposal for the government of Georgia have been submitted, updated, are the subject of active discussions with a view to finalizing the details which should lead to final commitments facilitated by Roselle. Once the Clean-Seas proposals are accepted, Roselle will ensure the funding of the projects and the two parties will share equally in the benefits of the projects.


Commenting on the JV, Dan Bates, Chairman and CEO of Clean Vision, said: “We have long intended to penetrate the $ 7 billion Asian market with our industrial scale pyrolysis technology factories that convert plastic waste into valuable products and / or green energy. We submitted a preliminary proposal to Malaysia last year when the pandemic hit. I am relieved to report that today we have a clear path to seize business opportunities in both Malaysia and Georgia. “

“With the reopening of world trade and travel, and with Roselle well-urged to fund and help guide our proposals in Asia until its completion, 2021 promises to be a landmark year. In addition, “said Mr. Bates,” our new Clean-Seas business initiative in New England continues to gain traction. “

Shaun wootton, Senior Director of Roselle Capital, said: “Countries such as Malaysia and Georgia are quite sensitive to their environment because it plays an important role in the growth of ecotourism activities and tourism in general in both countries. As a result, the ability to build factories that convert plastic waste into raw materials or energy – with a solid return on investment and a short payback period – makes doing business with Clean-Seas a win-win proposition. “

“Roselle has ‘boots on the ground’ and strong ties to the governments of both countries and is as optimistic about building the Clean-Seas pyrolysis plants as we are about our Sabah Wellness Place medical initiative, and others like this, which we hope to deploy elsewhere in Asia,” he added.

Asian market for energy recovery from plastic waste

The opportunity in the Asian plastic waste pyrolysis market is both timely and vast. According to a dated UN report December 7, 2020: In the context of plastic waste, the 3R Declaration of the Mayors of Asia in april 2018 said: “Strive to completely ban the illegal disposal of plastics in environmentally sensitive or eco-fragile areas, including tourist areas near oceans, rivers, lakes, wetlands, other bodies of water. and mountains. “

A report from McKinsey and Company states that “the reuse and recycling of plastics could generate profit pool growth of up to 60 billion dollars for the (global) petrochemicals and plastics sector, a fourfold increase from what is achieved today. ” Asia is the second largest region at 12.1% ($ 7.26 billion), behind only China and the double of North America. In this global market, pyrolysis represents the most important process segment with 25.4%, more than double that of the following monomer recycling.

About Clean Vision Corporation

Clean Vision is a public company that acquires and operates a portfolio of synergistic businesses in the sustainable clean technology and green energy sectors. For more information, visit:

About Clean-Seas, Inc.

Clean-Seas, Inc. provides efficient and cost-effective technological solutions that respond to the global plastic waste crisis and create economic opportunities and social benefits in emerging and developed economies around the world. It offers suppliers of complete “best-in-class” solutions the supply and deployment of the latest technologies for recycling waste into energy, securing raw materials and collecting agreements.

The Company expects to develop programs that have a social impact, improve the quality of life and comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Clean-Seas is driven by P3s, People, Planet and Profit. For more information, visit:

About Roselle Capital

Roselle Capital is an independent Private Equity brokerage, a capital introduction boutique with broad sector coverage and a targeted approach. With a global network of wealth managers, family offices, investment firms, corporates and UHNWs, Roselle provides tailor-made solutions to our clients. For more information, visit:

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