Dozing off at home: How workers have perfected the art of napping at work | Work at home

Name: Fall asleep at home.

Age: Newly relaunched, for the pandemic and beyond.

Appearance: Like sleeping, except you get paid.

You mean taking a nap at work? Yes, but you work from home.

Why is this important? Because that way no one has to know, at least until someone orders a search.

And now someone has? A new survey carried out for Sky Broadband reveals that Britons take up to three naps in an average working week – 3.4 for men and 2.7 for women.

It doesn’t seem so bad. According to the survey of 1,500 adults, homeworkers also browse social media nine times a day, play with their pets twice, shop online twice, share an average of three hilarious memes and send messages to family and friends eight times. A quarter of them never take off their pajamas.

It’s insane. Don’t these people know how to lie to a pollster? They also watch an average of four television episodes per week during working hours.

It seems like we all get back to the office just in time. Apparently a third of us are still working from home at least one day out of seven, with others adopting a hybrid “3:2” model – three days in the office and two at home each week.

How long can this last? Of those surveyed, 77% believe the traditional 9-to-5 workday is gone forever; a quarter now have dedicated office space at home.

I’ve said it before – this country is doomed. Or maybe not – despite all the distractions, 45% insist they are actually more productive when working from home.

I take it back: these people do know how to lie to pollsters. The time they save on commuting means home workers add, on average, an extra 20 minutes to each workday.

Twenty minutes? It’s almost an entire episode of Doctors. And 76% say they have a better relationship with their colleagues now that they no longer have to see them in person every day.

As much as I can believe. Home workers also appreciate saving money (41%) and being able to use their own toilets (36%).

Aren’t there good reasons to go back to the office? Some people regret jokes (36%) and gossip (23%).

It’s still not worth dressing up. True.

Say: “What time is the next Zoom meeting? I’ll set my alarm clock.

Do not tell : “I’m very excited about this new marketing campaign, as you can see from the excited eyes I painted on my lids.”

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