Easter season begins Saturday at the Broadway Market


Easter is still a few weeks away, but the Easter season is back at Broadway Market starting Saturday.

Over the years, the Broadway Market has probably brought millions of people shopping in the days leading up to Easter. They come to visit their favorite vendors and buy either staples like sausages and lambs in butter, or treats like pastries and desserts.

Just going to the market has become a tradition in itself. This year, with the restrictions of COVID-19, some people feared that this tradition would end for many people.

There is still good news!

The Broadway Market will be open from Saturday morning (3/6) for your Easter dinner needs. There will be seasonal sellers there and they are accepting applications as they have room for a few more seasonal and permanent sellers.

There will be a big launch event on Saturday morning with live entertainment and more starting at 8:00 am when the market opens. You can stop at any time on Saturday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Then they will be back next Saturday at the same time and will start having daily schedules from March 20 until Easter.

Vacation hours at Broadway Market will look like this:

Saturday March 20: 8 am-5pm

Sunday March 21: 9 am-4pm

Monday March 22-Saturday March 27: 8 am-5pm

Palm Sunday March 28: 9 am-5pm

Monday March 29 to Thursday April 1: 8 am-7pm

Good Friday April 2: 6 am-7pm

Holy Saturday April 3: 6 am-5pm

Remember, if you are planning to visit the Broadway Market, you will need a mask.

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