Gasvine Properties Presents “Land Banking” Investment Program

Gasvine Properties, one of Nigeria’s leading indigenous real estate companies, has introduced a new investment program called “Land Banking”. The idea will help investors profit financially from real estate. They will go beyond just buying properties to make money from them. ESV Dr Oziele Godwin, group chief executive and managing director of the property company, said in a press release.

He further explained that Land Banking is the practice of buying land at a very low price, waiting for prices to rise, and then selling the property at a profit. According to him, land banking as an investment strategy has been around for over 500 years. Jacob Astor became the first American multi-millionaire to use this strategy. He purchased large tracts of land in New York. Today, this area is known as Manhattan. John was one of the few people at the time who saw land banking as a great opportunity. If John Astor’s net worth were measured today, it would be over $100 billion.

We are proud to officially introduce land banking in the Nigerian space as one of our services, we aim to create millionaires and multi-millionaires through this program, he said.

He further explained that the advantages of land banking are many, they include: very low acquisition cost, extremely high returns even on the most average transactions and extremely low competition, land banking also allows you to benefit from collateral security, which means easy access to bank loans when financing key projects, it is the surest way to grow and maintain your wealth because land is an asset that appreciates and the best hedge against creeping inflation, unlike idle money kept in the bank for a period of time, it also provides older citizens with retirement security as they can earn passive income by renting the land they bought before retirement. Likewise, they can earn a lump sum payment by selling their land after many years of appreciation.

Our position is simple, invest your money in a tangible asset with us and be sure of an appreciation that cannot be affected by inflation or a downturn in the economy. Acquire one of our properties and resell it over time and you’ll be glad you did. We are a trusted hand in the real estate industry, our satisfied clients can always attest to that. Trust us and enjoy our superior service with a high level of integrity and excellence

He cautioned, however, that people should be careful not to save or invest on platforms that are unsecured. This is because many people have been scammed this way. Instead, he advised them to consider the option of acquiring land, as it is tangible, fixed and cannot be broken, stolen or destroyed.

The land bank is what it takes to build a heritage without stress and Gasvine, according to the CEO “is your credible partner”.

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