Helena welcomes Fall Drag Car Race



HELENA – “We’ve been doing summer drag races for 16 years now and thought it was time for more events in Helena,” said Chad Wenger, President of the Helena Valley Timing Association.

Wenger says this Fall Drag Car Race will be used as a scholarship for those who wish to further their education in the automotive field.

“Our big thing for that: all the money goes into our scholarship fund for students in the automotive trades. So it’s a lot of work to make this event happen, but it’s fun to see everyone here having a great day, ”said Wenger.

Wenger says it’s events like this that make him proud of the job he does.

“It’s great to help the children. It’s hard to go to college. It’s not a cheap thing, so we are working hard to try to do fun events and raise a lot of money so that they can keep going to school and keep working in the trades, ”said Wenger.

A runner from Ronan says he’s continuing his father’s racing legacy.

“I started at 16. My parents did it, ”said Joe Torgs, a drag racer.

Torgs even raced on Street Outlaws last week and says he loves being able to use the same truck his dad raced in.

“I always pat the dash and say, ‘Come on daddy, we gotta do this’, and it was good to keep the truck running, I know he’s with me so that’s what we do. and it keeps me going, ”Torgs said.


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