Hundreds of Liberty University students pray in nation’s capital as Supreme Court abortion case pending “Liberty News


Liberty University President Jerry Prevo leads students and staff in prayer outside the United States Capitol as they prepare to walk to the Supreme Court building on Wednesday morning. (Photos by Chase Gyles)

On Wednesday morning, nearly 1,000 Liberty University students gathered outside the steps of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC, to pray for the judges as oral argument began in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the largest abortion case in decades.

The case centers on a Mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks and is a direct challenge to the landmark Roe v. Wade of 1973 who legalized abortion in the United States. A decision is expected in June. There are probably three possible outcomes: the court can overturn Mississippi’s abortion law; Court Can Enforce Mississippi Abortion Law While Retaining Roe; or the court can uphold the Mississippi abortion law and overturn Roe entirely.

“The students of the University of Liberty were able to participate in the prayer in the capital of our country for one of the most important cases of the Supreme Court in the history of our country”, said the president of Liberty , Jerry Prevo, who joined the students at the prayer gathering. “I am more than grateful for the overwhelming response from our Liberty student body which defines what it means to be champions of Christ as a pro-life generation.”

Students pray in front of the Supreme Court building.

After boarding 21 campus buses at 4 a.m., the students arrived at Union Station and walked to the United States Capitol, where Prevo addressed the crowd.

“This, of course, could be a historic day,” he told them. “We won’t hear the results until the summer, but we pray that we get a good report from the Supreme Court.”

Prevo was joined by Morse Hyun-Myung Tan, the new dean of Liberty Law School, who explained the case and its significance.

“This is the opportunity to potentially mark a turning point in the displacement of the Roe-Doe regime, the weakening (Planned Parenthood v.) Casey and the end of the Roe-Doe regime, ultimately,” Tan said.

Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America

The comments were filmed and broadcast during the Convocation at the Vines Center, where the student body joined in prayer, led by Prevo, asking that God allow the judges to speak boldly in defense of the unborn child. .

The group then continued to the steps of the Supreme Court. While pro-choice supporters were also in attendance in large numbers, Liberty students focused on being a positive light and example of divine daring, praying in groups while singing hymns and songs of God. worship between prayers.

“It’s an incredibly powerful event, and I’m so lucky to be here and to be a part of a university that values ​​the right to life,” said freshman Joy Epperson. “It’s really great to see all of the people here who are here for life, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. I feel confident (in a positive case) and know it is in the hands of God.

“It’s so important for Liberty to be here,” added Maggie Donica, “to represent not only conservatives but (also) Christians and show that Christian conservatives care about this issue and that it is important to us. because it is important to God. “

The trip was sponsored by Women concerned for America in partnership with Liberty’s Stand up for the Freedom Center. The students also heard from Penny Nance, President and CEO of CWA, a Liberty alumnus in 1988 and a current member of the Liberty Board of Directors.

President Jerry Prevo with US Representative Bob Good, a 1988 Liberty alumnus


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