Kuwait suspends flights to Iraq after Baghdad airport attack | Aviation news

This decision comes after six rockets were fired at the airport in the Iraqi capital, damaging a runway and two civilian planes.

Kuwait suspended flights to Iraq for a week from Sunday, citing security fears after a rocket attack targeted Baghdad International Airport. Iraqi authorities, meanwhile, announced that an assailant had been apprehended.

Kuwait Airways, the country’s main carrier, said in a statement on Saturday that flights to Iraq had been temporarily suspended based on instructions from the Kuwait Civil Aviation Authority due to “current conditions”.

Six rockets were fired at the airport in the Iraqi capital on Friday, damaging a runway and two civilian planes but causing no casualties. It was the latest in a string of attacks the United States has blamed on armed groups linked to Iran.

Iran condemned “the targeting of Baghdad airport” in an attack it said was aimed at “destabilizing” Iraq.

“Such suspicious actions have created insecurity and unrest in Iraq, paving the way for evildoers and insurgents, and affecting government services to Iraqi citizens,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Saturday. , Saeed Khatibzadeh, in a statement.

The attack was not immediately claimed but Iraqi authorities said they apprehended a suspect at a checkpoint near the northern province of Kirkuk en route to Erbil in the Kurdish-ruled semi-autonomous region.

Following the attack, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi urged the international community not to impose restrictions on travel to Iraq, while Iraqi Airways said the attack caused no disruption and that the flights would continue.

Separately, the Iraqi army said on Saturday night it killed nine ISIL (IS) fighters suspected of staging a deadly ambush in the northern province of Diyala. The gunmen stormed an army barracks before dawn while soldiers slept inside and killed 11.

The fighters were killed by three F-16 airstrikes, and further operations are planned to eradicate sleeper cells, the Iraqi military said.

Iraq is experiencing an upsurge in IS-linked attacks. Fighters have long exploited the security vacuum on a swathe of disputed territory in northern Iraq.

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