One River Digital Asset Management and MVIS Index Solutions Announce the Creation of the One River Digital Indices

GREENWICH, Conn., March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The number of digital assets surpassed 18,000 in March, trading on 460 exchanges, with a market capitalization of $1.75 trillion. President Biden’s executive order was a statement to the world that United States plans to be a strategic leader in integrating digital asset technologies into the mainstream economy. Investors are alert to the opportunity; however, investors are also challenged to bring order to the chaos of the rapidly growing ecosystem. Of the more than 18,000 workers, how many will survive? Who can choose winners and losers? Will smaller projects take market share from traditional markets and native digital asset pioneers? Our conversations with investors made it clear that there was a gap in the market. Investors craved a dynamic, institutional digital benchmark that did not exist.

So we built it.

One River Digital Asset Management and MVIS Index Solutions are pleased to announce the creation of One River Digital Asset Management Heart Index (ticker: ORDCI) and One River Digital Waist inclination Index (symbol: ORDST). These indices respond to the basic wants and needs of investors: a dynamic benchmark where assets adapt fluidly to the ecosystem; a systematic, rules-based approach that meets the highest regulatory standards; indices that give investors the opportunity to direct exposure to promising assets; and indexes constructed at the institutional scale.

the Heart and Waist inclination the indices are underpinned by One River Digital’s disciplined, institutional approach to asset management, developed over decades of collective experience. To be eligible for the index, digital assets must meet both specific fundamental and market-based criteria. As the industry matures and more workers meet qualifications, the Heart and Waist inclination the indices will grow to continuously represent the highest quality evolving segment of the digital asset markets.

A digital river Heart and One River digital Waist inclination are both currently available to institutions through an SMA at Coinbase Prime and will soon also be available in blended institutional funds.

“Investors are overwhelmed with choice and the speed of change in the digital ecosystem. Building dynamic indices gives our clients a benchmark that didn’t exist before,” said Eric PetersCEO and CIO of One River.

One River digital Heart The index allows investors to access and track this dynamic market with market capitalization weightings familiar to traditional indices. Investors preferring a more diversified set of holdings will be attracted to the One River Waist inclination Index, where the ranking methodology skews the weight away from the most important assets. Today, Bitcoin represents 64% in the Heart Index against 36% in the Waist inclination.

“Institutional investors are used to separating alpha from beta. Our indices allow investors to better hone their exposures. Clients can now build better portfolios, exposures that represent their needs for return, risk, liquidity, security, transparency and fees Our Digital Waist inclination Index is the first of its kind, utilizing techniques and insights gained from decades of experience managing institutional equities,” said Sebastien BeaPresident of One River Digital.

One River Digital has partnered with MVIS Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS), an industry-leading regulated index provider, to design and implement its indices. As the third-party index administrator, MVIS reviewed and approved the index methodology. MVIS will provide ongoing, independent index monitoring using CCCAGG pricing provided by CryptoCompare.

“MVIS was a great partner for us as we researched and designed the One River Digital Heart and One River Digital Waist inclination Clues. Their robust processes and experienced team ensure that the highest level of care and integrity will be taken in maintaining the indices in the future,” said Paul Ebnerportfolio manager and researcher in systematic digital strategies.

“The unique digital river Heart and One River Digital Waist inclination The indices are the start of a wide range of investment solutions that will be provided through the ONE Digital SMA platform, powered by Coinbase Prime,” said Jasmine Burgess, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Risk Officer of One River Digital. “Mixed institutional fund versions of both indices will also be available in the near future.”

One River digital Heart and One River Digital Waist inclination The indices are rules-based indices calculated in USD. Both indices are revised on a quarterly basis. Index details, including methodology details and data sources, are available on the MV Index Solutions website:

About One River Digital Asset Management:

One River Digital Asset Management is a leading institutional digital asset manager, providing investment strategies and infrastructure to bridge digital and traditional markets. One River Digital completed the first major institutional asset allocation to digital in November 2020*. The company is backed by its strategic investors, leaders in digital, finance and asset management, including Coinbase, Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual and others. The firm is a subsidiary of One River Asset Management, an innovative investment manager dedicated to delivering high-conviction absolute return strategies that seeks to help its clients build superior portfolios. He sees the world in a time of major economic, political and political transition, with an investment landscape changing in ways that will make the next decade look profoundly different from the decade before. Its strategies are designed to take advantage of this dynamic environment while providing strong diversification benefits to traditional investment portfolios. Each is developed and managed by its diverse team of investment professionals with deep expertise in volatility, macro, inflation, digital assets and systematic trading/investing. One River manages approximately $2.5 billion in institutional assets. The company is headquartered in Greenwich, CT and was founded in 2013.

*For more details on our digital allocation in November 2020see here:

About MVIS:

MV Index Solutions (MVIS®) develops, monitors and licenses MVIS Indices and BlueStar Indices, a selection of targeted, investable and diversified benchmark indices. Indices are specially designed to underpin financial products. MVIS indices cover multiple asset classes including equities, fixed income markets and digital assets and are licensed to serve as the underlying indices for financial products. About USD $34.64 billion of assets under management (at March 4, 2022) are currently invested in financial products based on the MVIS/BlueStar indices. MVIS is a VanEck company.

SOURCE One River Digital Asset Management

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