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MSC Protocol

Chicago, Illinois, June 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Most of the cryptocurrency world would have heard of gamefi, currently one of the hottest things in the industry right now. The name reflects the combination of gaming and finance, which are all decentralized. In a nutshell, it’s playing and winning prizes that can be traded, sold or bought, controlled and distributed by several networks rather than just one.

Amid the bear market that has had crypto enthusiasts sinking, there is a continued and exciting growth and development of blockchain games. There is potential seen in the game to win games again. With new projects released with good gameplay, new models and concepts and the expansion of earning tools.

A new protocol begins

The MSC protocol provides a decentralized financial solution, which rewards holders with a sustainable fixed compound interest model, using its unique MSC protocol.

MetaSuperCoin (MSC) is a token issued on the public MSC chain and used as a token of the entire MSC green platform. In addition to its own public chain, the MSC green platform also features green components such as auto staking, auto liquidity pooling, auto token burning, investment finance, gamefi with ownership NFT, a mechanism for exchange and cross-chain bridge transfers.

In many gamefi apps, users can also earn money passively by lending their game asset to others, or they may also be interested in using techniques developed by defi platforms in what this is called staking. By holding MSC tokens, investors will benefit from more MSC rights in the future.

MSC Protocol offers the industry’s highest fixed APY, paid every 24 hours, with a simple buy-and-hold yield system that can quickly grow your portfolio assets. The fixed rate is 38585% for 400 days, and that without doing anything.

Token Staking: Hold is Profit

In the world of cryptocurrency, staking is about holding coins to receive a reward. In gamefi, staking becomes an important element that supports the economy of a project. Most blockchain game players view a project primarily in terms of financial gain rather than gaming enjoyment. In-game token staking is one opportunity that can solve this problem.

Of course, staking alone won’t solve all user retention issues – but it’s good for supporting the in-game economy.

The MSC protocol uses an automatic compound interest protocol in the MSC ecosystem. Users don’t need to mortgage, add LP and other operations, just buy MSC and put it in your wallet. The number of MSCs is automatically increased once per day, with a daily rate of return of 1.5%

NFT Property

Non-fungible tokens are the main foundation on which blockchain games are built. NFTs can turn every attribute of a game into an asset. And the value of an asset lies in the fact that it can be sold, rented, multiplied or held until better times.

SpaceX9 is a mining development game for NFT platforms. As an exploratory blockchain game based on planetary resources, the entire script of the game revolves around the three interrelated contents of a ruined mine, mine expansion, and complete colonization of the planet.

SpaceX9 is the gamefi of the MSC protocol. Buying NFT does not only come with ownership of NFT but also includes income through NFT dividends. Unlike other gamefi projects, these NFTs come with voting rights, on-chain play rights, they are the only NFTs in the world that have the most benefits to own before they even register.

The release of SpaceX9 NFT Rovers is limited to 1,000 pieces. The first 500 owners will be entitled to share the 5% dividend. Own a SpaceX9 NFT and receive NFT dividends, as an MSCP DAO member.

The 5% of each sale transaction is used for the dividends of all MSCP-DAO partners. Dividends increase each time there is a sale. A minimum of 1,000 MSC tokens is required in the wallet to receive MSCP-DAO rewards.

SpaceX9 Rover NFT is only earned during the IDO period. Buy an NFT from the website. Or join the IDO event and reach a personal IDO quota of 3000USDT, and you will get an NFT. Or an IDO quota of 300USDT and 10 users directly invited to participate in the IDO, in which each user reaches the quota of 300USDT, you will also be rewarded with an NFT.

DAO rewards are used to reward token holders who contribute to the MSC protocol.

More protocols

The possibility of owning your own digital assets and earning money by playing, as well as other advantages offered by the blockchain, is undoubtedly here. But some scenarios need to be foolproof and this is how a redefined protocol like the MSC protocol comes into play, to give solutions to existing and possible problems.

The MSC protocol redefines the way digital assets are owned by making them sustainable using a business model created by industry experts who have accumulated years of experience and decision-making skills successful investments.

The MSC protocol boasts of its features, including its token usage model. Buy and sell transactions also contribute to the MSCP, and by burning tokens and reducing the circulating supply to maintain the stability of the MSC protocol.

For each sale transaction, 2.5% will be automatically credited to the engraver’s address. The more transactions made, the more are credited to the engraver’s address. Due to its deflationary nature, this allows the value of each $MSC token to continue to increase.

The MSCP Eco Fund is a separate wallet within the MSC protocol. For each sale transaction, 2.5% is deposited into the Eco Fund for ongoing upgrades and expansions of the MSC protocol.

There is the MSCP Foundation, managed by a team of digital investment experts, which will invest in potential new digital asset projects, which will contribute to the MSC APY protocol.

For each sale transaction, 5% will be deposited into the MSCP Foundation, which will be used to invest in new promising digital asset projects. 50% of the profits will go to the redemption pool, 25% will be destroyed and the remaining 25% will be used to redeem $MSC, to increase the liquidity pool and can support our high APY of 38585%.

Revolution in progress

Aiming to provide a multidimensional and objective perspective on Blockchain and the decentralized gamefi market, MSC Protocol brings a revolution that creates a whole range of economic incentives for all its users.

With its major innovations and most new deployments taking place in its own public chain, you will see a project dedicated to its user and improving the infrastructure behind blockchain technology.

The MSC protocol redefines the way we use and manage our digital asset to become sustainable. Discover the best opportunities to invest in this project by following its official social media accounts and communities.

With MSC Protocol we have something for all your needs, you can never go wrong with MSC Protocol.

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