Senior small business official visits San Antonio as White House unveils details of infrastructure plan



Isabella Casillas Guzman reminded small business owners of the tax resources they can take advantage of as they recover from the pandemic.

SAN ANTONIO – The nation’s largest small business administrator, Isabella Casillas Guzman, is on a nationwide tour, visiting entrepreneurs and community organizations to discuss the economic recovery after COVID, including how the US Small Business Administration is trying to address the ‘access to money.

“The Build Back Better framework includes key investments in SBA to expand access to capital, our lending programs, through direct lending authorities that will help us provide businesses with the help they need,” Casillas Guzman said during a visit to San Antonio on Friday.

President Joe Biden on Thursday unveiled the new framework for the Build Back Better program, which includes approximately $ 1.75 trillion in investments, including child care, affordable health care and the fight against change climate.

“Some people are calling this Build Back Better a social program,” Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Laredo, said on Friday speaking to Casillas Guzman. “I don’t call him that. I call it an employment program. Let me explain why: if you donate money for pre-K, it is not only good for the individual to develop, but it is also for the parents who can return to work. If we provide daycare help, help people, that also allows parents to go back to work.

Guzman highlighted the role small businesses play in local economies and the employment of people.

She said there was money that these companies should take advantage of.

“SBA has many programs with capital, market access, technical assistance that can take your business to the next level and help you be successful,” said Casillas Guzman. “So please count on us; visit

The Build Back Better framework includes changes made by the White House after months of negotiations. The Paid Family Leave Act and Free Community College were left on the cutting room floor.


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