The list of assets of the Odisha firm

TNI desk: Interesting details emerged from the recent list of assets declared by the Odisha Cabinet, including the CM and ministers.

CM Naveen Patnaik retains the top spot with a value of Rs 64.98 crore. According to his statement, he became loan free as the loan of Rs 15 lakh taken from his sister no longer finds any mention. Naveen’a’s assets have grown by Rs 3 lakh only in the past year.

Movable assets of CM Naveen Patnaik included bank deposits of Rs 94.41 lakh, post office savings of Rs 5,033, fixed deposit of Rs 1.11 lakh, RBI bonds of Rs 9 crore, cash deposit of term of Rs 1 crore at the post office, jewelry worth Rs 3.45 lakh and an ambassador’s car worth Rs 6,434 (Model 1980).

His real estate assets included two inherited properties, a two-thirds share in ‘Naveen Niwas’ worth approximately Rs 9.5 crore and a 50% share in the property of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi, d worth around Rs 43.3 crore.

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Health Minister Naba Das continues to surprise by recording the fastest growth in the past year. While his net worth is Rs 34 crore, he bought 35 utility vehicles, a plot in his name, 9 plots in the name of his wife and son and an apartment in the name of his daughter. Naba Das’ wife now owns 75 vehicles. Naba Das also owns a Mercedes Benz valued at Rs 1.14 crore.

The most startling statement comes from Mines Minister Prafulla Mallick. It only declared Rs 42 lakh active without a car!

Minister Pritiranjan Gharai has declared assets worth Rs 11 crore.

Interestingly, ministers Pritiranjan Ghadai, Rita Sahu, Prafulla Kumar Mallik and Ashwini Patra do not have cars.

Other key ministers on the list include Ashok Panda (Rs 7.07 crore), Pratap Deb (Rs 6.28 crore), Pramila Mallick (Rs 4.56 crore), Tukuni Sahu (Rs 4 crore), Niranjan Pujari (Rs 2.73 crore), Ranendra Ptatap Swain (Rs 3.27 crore), Rohit Pujari (Rs 3.06 crore), Basanti Hembram (Rs 2.05 crore), Samir Ranjan Dash (Rs 2 crore), Usha Devi (Rs 1.95 crore), Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak (Rs 1.80 crore), Srikant Sahu (Rs 1.60 crore), Rajendra Dholakia (Rs 1.34 crore), Pradeep Amat (Rs 1.26 crore), Ashwini Patra ( 1.10 crore), Rita Sahu (Rs 97 lakh), Jagannath Saraka (Rs 60 lakh), Tusarkanti Behera (Rs 49 lakh), Prafulla Mallick (Rs 42 lakh).

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