Why Asake is the vibe everyone listens to

“Mr. Money with the vibe right now (right now)
Mr. Money with the vibe right now
Osaro, Orobosa (There is God, I am in the hands of God)”

In February 2022, musical director/legendary rapper, Olamide Adedeji announced a young singer (Asake) to the world in what was labeled “Omo Ope”.

It was a glorious announcement with a hit song in the Afrobeats world. Upcoming artist Ololade Ahmed would then have a glorious run – an inexplicable, phenomenal and stellar achievement in the history of Afrobeats.

gold race

In less than 7 months, Asake is truly “Omo Ope” and more. He has much to be grateful for and
didn’t get here by accident, it’s the result of dedication and hard work. In the same year, Asake
has gone from an upcoming artist to arguably the most loved and listened to artist in

The rising superstar is hard to place in 2022 between Next Rated Artist and Artist of the
Year, I think it is same at the time. I don’t envy the Headies Awards because an unprecedented string of back-to-back hits and amazing features made Asake endearing to listeners.

This is a golden run arguably close to or even better than Naira Marley’s hit-laden Marlian move of 2019.

His chart-topping debut album, Mr. Money With The Vibe’ was released on September 8, 2022 and within hours became the number one album in Nigeria.

The album set a new record on Apple Music after becoming the African album with the most streams on its first day as well as the most three-day opening streams. It also became the first album to have all of its tracks occupy the top 12 spots on Apple Music Nigeria’s Top 100.

The first album to have 7 songs in the top ten positions in TurnTable Charts history (On the Chart week of September 19, 2022)

The album debuted at number 66 on the Billboard 200, making it the most successful Nigerian album on the chart.

‘M. Money With The Vibe’ hit a new high after hitting No. 2 on the Billboard World Album Chart.

“MMWTV” peaked at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart and number one in 26 countries on the Apple Music Album Chart, including 6 European countries.

In the words of Asake, ‘They never see me coming’, surely no one ever saw it coming
as the young singer is now Nigeria’s favorite and even loved by overseas music audiences.


Asake is unique because his musical style is difficult to place. He infuses Amapiano, Fuji, Hip Hop and other fusions into his music. He also uses praise singing, eulogies and street hop to create an upbeat chorus. He adapted to the critics of being direct in his musical tone as his album showed distinction and improvements.

Asake’s ability to recreate street slang and jargon like Trabaye, Omo Ope, Palazzo and Sungba into euphoric beats is phenomenal.

His street jargon and Yoruba phrases still attract all music listeners around the world, as the beat is always accompanied by euphoria and ecstasy. Asake has formed a great bond with MagicSticks who are arguably Producer of the Year due to the duo’s plethora of hit songs in 2022.

Fans also can’t help but gush about cinematic videos from ace director TG Omori like Sungba, Bandana, Terminator, and Joha.

Asake is also beloved on the streets and everywhere due to his vocal dexterity, upbeat and celebratory chorus, and infusion of religious phrases into his music.

In “Dupe”, he sings of the essence of appreciating God and “shouts hallelujah regardless of the life situation”.

‘Dupe’ means to give thanks – Oremi o, dupe, yo kan e oh, Jowo, dupe, yo kan e oh

Shout “Halle”, because you’re not going too far today

Asake also appeals to some fans who like the way he uses Yoruba dialectical chanting like in ‘Terminator’ K’emi foh, ki’wo foh, K’ajo jokilijo, kilijo,

And quick reps
Peperi, peperipe, yeah
Peperipe, peperipe-ipe-‘pe
Fofori, fofori-fo, oh Foforifo, foforifo-ifo-‘fo

The singer’s ability to make sense of rhymes in multiple languages ​​is superb. Besides the dance vibe it gives in ‘Joha’, it rhymes with words like Sh’owa, T’oba, Durella, Godzilla, Maradona, Coachella, Emmanuela, Waahala, Tropicana, marijuana, Joanna and Ghana.

Peace Be Unto You (PBUY) reflects the theme of appreciating God for one’s current success while preaching hard work and celebrating one’s fame.

He is dressed as a pastor in PBUY but showcases Muslim culture in the song’s title and chorus.

Asake also preaches the essence of hard work with ‘Padi mi hustle lo, Kodigba ti nba ni ko tie up’ rather than drinking and being idle ‘Gbogbo nkan ko na ma fin jogor joor joor’ – Jogor is slang yoruba meaning ‘To be high or drunk with excess alcohol’

He uses heavenly words like Malaika and Sultana in Terminator, spoke Arabic in the first verse, and appeared to confess in Bandana Video.

Awake used Sodiq a Muslim name on Organize and talked about white dress lingo in Ototo.

He is also renowned for thanking God for his musical journey.

In Bandana, he sings: “And I thank the lord for going far”

record breaker

Fireboy DML firecracker single “Bandana” featuring Asake himself. maintained the top spot as Nigeria’s biggest song for 7 weeks.

Asake took out the ticket for his first show in London which was on October 3rd and the ticket sold out within 5 minutes.

This led Asake to come up with another date for December 15 which sold out within minutes and led to the announcement of another show on December 17 which also sold out within minutes. So far he has sold out three dates for the 5,000 capacity O2 Brixton Hall and a 4th date will see him sell 20,000 tickets, the size of the O2 Arena.

Asake is a record holder, 5 of his songs became Nigeria’s biggest song of 2022. His #1 records include ‘Omo Ope’, ‘Sungba (Remix)’, ‘PBUY’, ‘Bandana’ and ‘Terminator’.

His debut EP “Ololade Asake” propelled him to mainstream fame and his debut album, Mr “Money With the Vibe” is currently topping both local and international charts.

The album received nearly one million (991,500) streams in Nigeria within the first 24 hours of its release and recently debuted on the Billboard Albums Charts.

MMWTV is packed with hit singles and topped off with guest appearances from American rapper Russ and Nigerian Grammy-winning megastar Burna Boy.

The 12-track album includes the following hit tracks; “Annoying, Terminator, Organize, Peace be upon you, Dupe, Muse, Joha, Nzaza, Ototo, Reason Ft. Russ, Sunmomi and Sungba (Remix) Ft. Burna Boy”.

The ‘Peace Be Unto You’ crooner is having a stellar year and surely the rave of the moment in music with hit songs like ‘Omo Ope’ ‘Sungba’ ‘Palazzo ft. Spinall’ and many other hits including features with Afrobeats Legends, Olamide, and Burna Boy.

Asake’s “Terminator”, which has a fast Amapiano-style beat, is currently one of Nigeria’s biggest songs.

Terminator recently set a new record for biggest streams on all streaming platforms in a week; its 6.83 million streams in one week surpassed the previous record, “Bandana,” which had 4.48 million streams in its second week.

During the same week, Asake held three of the four biggest weeks of any song in a week on Spotify Nigeria; “Terminator” at No. 1, “PALAZZO” by Spinall with 492,000 streams in its first week at No. 3 and “Peace Be Unto You” at No. 4 with 424,000 streams.

The atmosphere

Ololade mi Asake is now Mr Money, the vibe everyone listens to.

In Sungba, he shows us why he really is the vibe and recognizes the grace of God in his life.

“Mr. Money with the vibe right now (right now)
Mr. Money with the vibe right now
Osaro, Orobosa (There is God, I am in the hands of God)”

Asake is really “Mr Money with the Vibe”, he rose to fame after being signed with YBNL
Records by label boss Olamide in February 2022. His single “Mr Money” solidified his place in
industry, but his breakthrough really came in February when the single Omo Ope with
Olamide who announced his signature was released.

Everyone couldn’t help but gush over the choirmaster whose sound lines were distinctive
and complementary to the incredible rapping of music legend, Olamide and the stellar rhythm of

Asake sang melodiously in what was indeed prophetic as the chorus lines now truly manifest for him.

“Won sope kin ma lo sule,
Moni mofe lo saye
Emi Ope Ope o
Kin sare lowo ni Gbagbe
Mr. Money o se
Emi Omo Ope o”

Kin ma lo sule – He never gave in or looked back, with hard work; Asake is now the rave of
Sare(Run)- In a few months, he became the man with the money and the atmosphere that everyone listens to.
Omo Ope – A son of Glory has a lot to be thankful for.

And then everything changed for the superstar as the song hit raves all over Nigeria and
internationally. It became Nigeria’s biggest song and topped all the charts for weeks, the
the video also got a lot of views.

Her debut EP with hit tracks like “Sungba, Trabaye, Baba God and Omo Ope” topped the charts. He went on a string of hit singles and his album is currently #1 in Nigeria with raves from overseas as well.

Legendary YBNL Boss, Olamide

Asake recently praised Olamide for everything and for giving him a platform to showcase his

He tweeted, “One call from @Olamide and everything changed.”

Asake joined Adekunle Gold, Lil Kesh, Fireboy DML, Pheelz, Young John
among others who, thanks to Olamide, have become famous.

Bandana ft. its superstar label mate, Fireboy DML is one of the biggest Nigerian songs of 2022.

Immense support from Olamide’s YBNL Records and Empire Music Recording/Distribution affiliate deal propelled Asake’s talented music to local and international listening communities.

Rave, how long?

Asake is renowned for his incredible vocal dexterity as well as delivering a feel-good vibe.

As for Ololade Mr Money, Asake keep working hard, the sky is surely the starting point of the music superstar who is the rave of the moment, the next rated, the best artist of the year and the atmosphere that everyone wants to listen to.

Asake really is Mr. Money with the vibe right now.

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