Why working more is easier for me than spending less



We all tend to go through times in life when bills keep coming in or when our savings start to run out and might need a boost. In such situations, we usually have a choice: increase our income by working more or reduce our expenses to free up money.

Increasing your income is more than possible these days given the boom in the concert economy. This does not mean that it is easy to take on additional work on top of a full time job. But he is possible.

Likewise, cutting back on spending isn’t always easy, especially when you’re already leading a frugal life and spending little. But a lot of us to do have the ability to cut back to some extent, even if that means saving $ 20 here and $ 30 there.

As a rule of thumb, when I come into a situation where life has become more expensive or I have overdrawn my savings account for convenience, I will opt for extra work rather than cutting expenses. Here’s why it’s an easier route for me.

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It’s about being in control

Owning and parenting can be incredibly rewarding and stressful. Either way, there are so many financial unknowns to deal with.

Last summer my central air conditioning system died on us without warning. It cost about $ 7,000 to install a new system, which required a significant withdrawal from my emergency fund which I am now working to replenish.

Likewise, my kids recently returned to school, and as I anticipated expenses for supplies and clothing, I was shocked at the amount of things I was asked to purchase. I easily ended up spending twice as much on back-to-school items than I expected (although that total bill was still far from what my new air conditioner cost me).

It is for this reason that I prefer to take on more work than to try to reduce my expenses. The first is something I can control. I can request additional assignments and force myself to spend more hours at my desk, even if that means giving up some much-needed downtime.

But I can’t control the bills I face as a parent and owner. If something breaks in my house, I usually need to fix it. And if my kids need something for school, or if they mess up or outgrow their clothes or shoes, I need to replace those items. Rather than stressing out about bills that I can’t control, I would rather work harder and know that I am increasing my income to cover these expenses.

Working more means we have more to enjoy

My family spends money on recreation, and we could technically reduce this area if the circumstances warranted. But in my opinion, I spend so much money each month on essential things like housing, food and utilities that I don’t want to deprive myself, my husband and my children of modest luxuries like streaming TV services. or occasional meals. outside. And if I have to work a little harder to keep allowing myself these things, so be it.

Taking on more work can be downright unattractive. But I like having this option. There are weeks when I sleep very little and have little time for myself. But it’s a sacrifice that’s easier for me to make than constantly reworking my budget and stressing out every time an unforeseen bill comes my way.


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